Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Dr. Devanand A. Dominique is an internationally recognized authority on the appropriate use of MIS (minimally invasive surgery) techniques. Dr. Dominique has demonstrated and lectured in the USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, Turkey, Great Britain, and Indonesia.

Not everyone is the appropriate candidate for minimally invasive spine surgery.

How you are to be treated is as important as WHO treats you! Many surgeons only perform open (conventional) surgical procedures for your spinal disorder. Other centers, surgeons and institutes only will perform “minimally invasive procedures” and they may not accept your insurance. Often for these minimally invasive techniques, with other surgeons and at other institutes, it may require several operations, to fully treat your problem.

Dr. Dominique will see you, examine you and discuss with you in a thoughtful and detailed manner why a specific treatment is BEST for you!

We accept most insurances.