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From our Patients and Colleagues

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National Doctors' Day 2018 Nomination for Physician of the year May 9, 2018

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The first question on the form was, are you a patient of Dr. Dominique? You bet I am.  Three and a half years ago my pains, both back and neck got to the point, where my primary Doctor recommended that I see a neurologist, he recommended Doctor Dominique.  Prior to the visit, I has physical therapy, pain management and three epidural shots (They are a lot of fun).  All to no avail.  This is the time my primary doctor made the appointment with Doctor Dominique.  Prior to my appointment, Doctor ordered a MRI.  When I met the doctor, I felt very at eased.  he was very easy to understand.  He brought in a plastic spine and showed me where, there was at least three different places, that caused the pains.  He then looked up and said, I can fix the problem.  Indeed he did.  The operation went well, recovery also went well.  Within a year he operated on my neck.  The operation went well, recovery needed some physical therapy.  Next was carpal tunnel on my right wrist, that was a walk in the park.  Now my left wrist is next, both Doctors recommended that wait six months for that.  The office staff are also terrific.  My name is Nick Temperato and I am 88 years old and feel rejuvenated.

Nick Temperato March 26, 2018

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Before my surgery my legs would been numb and on fire with pain.  I thought it was because of the chemo that I had taken for my breast cancer.  I thought it was something I just had to live with.  But my condition continued to get worse.  It got to the point I could not sit for any length of time.  I had to stand and walk a little every hour or the pain would be unbearable.  Things got so bad I contacted my doctor at Tristian’s and they said to see my family doctor.  I did and after cat scans and a MRI they found a tumor on my spine.  We were told to go directly to the hospital.  I did and we went to Holy Spirit Hospital.  That’s when I met Devanand A. Dominique my surgeon who explained my condition to my husband and family.  He explained the risks but was very confident he would be able to help me.  After my surgery he went over everything in detail.  He went as far to say he did not think it was cancerous before the biopsy was completed.  This was so helpful for me and my family do to the fact I have been fighting breast cance doing chemo and radiation in the past.  It was the start of my healing and hope that I might get to see my grand baby’s grow up.  The fact is by Doctor Dominique telling us his professional opinion of what he thought the tumor was and that it was not cancer.  Had not only help me.  It helped my entire family.  I regained more feeling in my legs over time.  I feel I regained 90% to 95% of my feeling back and I am able to play and chase my grandchildren around.  I am so great full that our paths have crossed.  If I didn’t have Devanand A. Dominique M.D. as my surgeon I don’t know where I would be today.  But because of him I am doing great.  I am more mobile and live a normal life thanks to him.  I can’t thank him enough.  A Doctor that told me and my family what we needed to hear and he was 100% correct.  I have never had a doctor ever do anything like that in the past! I am so great full! Thank you!

Hieu Burkholder March 26, 2018

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I had been in severe back pain for 2 months after playing a round of golf in which I walked a very undulated course.  My foot started hurting during the round and I later discovered that I had broken a metatarsal bone.  Consequently, I was ordered to wear a boot on my foot for several weeks while healing occurred.  During that time my uneven walking created back pain.

I consulted a doctor who thought the pain was muscle or tissue damage due to my uneven walking.  A few pain pills to get me through a week until everything got back to normal was ordered.

I also went to a chiropractor to help realign my back due to my wacky walking.

After several weeks my pain grew worse so I visited a doctor in Maine where I was visiting my daughter.  I could not find comfort sitting, lying, or walking, so the doctor prescribed some stronger pain medicine to help break the cycle of pain I was experiencing.  When that idea failed I called an orthopedic surgeon in Carlisle, PA where I live.  He told me to see him as soon as I returned home in order to get an MRI./  My earlier simple x-ray had not revealed any serious hip or back problem .  Upon seeing the MRI results my doctor immediately referred me to Dr. Dominique, a neurosurgeon.

I saw Dr. Dominique on a Thursday and he said the MRI revealed several ruptured disc that needed immediate surgery.  He asked me if I could be in the hospital the next day for the procedure!  I was both shocked and relieved that a diagnosis and a treatment were identified.  Dr. Dominique cleared his schedule and found an operating room within 24 hours in order to help me.  His quick action to hep me was impressive and humbling.  I had just met this gentle and calm doctor and he was willing to extend himself to me without hesitation.

The microdysectomy procedure required very delicate attention as Dr. Dominique skillfully removed many small fragments of my disc area that were spread about my lower back pressing on nerves that caused severe back pain, hip pain, and pain down my leg.  He told my wife the procedure reminded him of trying to grab marbles with chopsticks.

I had great confidence going into this quickly scheduled surgery due to Dr. Dominique’s calm and wel stated understanding of my situation and the procedure that was needed to correct things.  I also knew that he was successful in hundred of similar procedures.  He made me feel that I was in the best hands of someone who genuinely cared about me.

As it turned out I was correct to have confidence in this fine doctor  and caring human being.  My recovery under Dr. Dominique’s guidance was slow and methodical.  His instructions were clear, and I followed them as prescribed over the course of months.  It has now been almost three years since my surgery, and i have no pain whatsoever.  I am playing the best golf of my life.  I can get on the floor with my grandson and chase him all over the yard.  As I hear stories of unsuccessful back surgery results from other people.  I feel like i have enjoyed the care of a miracle worker.  As a 68 year old grandfather I can enjoy a full life thanks to a genuine friend and surgeon, Dr. Devanand Dominique!

I had no reservation recommending Dr. Dominique as a surgeon.  In fact, if you overlook this fine doctor you are making a serious mistake.  Get his help.  Your life will definitely improve.

Allen Shank Carlisle, PA March 26, 2018

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I was referred to Dr. Dominique by a friend.  I was in bad shape, excruciating pain.  when I first saw the doctor, I had a lot of pinched nerves so Dr. Dominique operated on both my neck and back, relieving the pressure on the nerves.  He always described me as a complicated patient because I had so many health issues.  But, thank God, I am doing better today because of his help.

Sandra Weller March 26, 2018

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Not only would I let Dr. Dominique operate on me, or one of my family members, he would be my first choice.  I have known him for five years and have found him to possess all of the qualities that have defined a superb physician for centuries.

He is kind, patient, thoughtful, empathetic, and knowledgeable, and… he listens very carefully to his patients.

Dr. Dominique is extra-ordinarily skillful at his art, and it is extraordinary how much he truly does care about his patients.  They feel it, and they tell me about it all the time.  In a word, he is… Awesome.

David Kann, M.D., FACC Cardiologist April 24, 2017

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I was doing physical therapy after having a stroke, it got so bad that when I would get home the pain would knock me down and I couldn’t get up.

Dr. Howard Cohen recommended Dr. Dominique. After seeing Dr. Dominique he suggested surgery. After a 4 hour surgery I went home that same day. After 2 weeks I was walking without pain. I do twice a year x-rays and office visits to see if everything is alright.

We have a farm and our house heats with wood, so I need to be mobile. I just retired from the farm business after 50 years. I feel great thanks to Dr. Dominique.

Dr. Dominique and his staff are professional, kind and thorough. I highly recommend them. The staff is very conscientious and listen to how you feel.

Dennis Williamson March 23, 2017

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Before Surgery: I was once a very active person. I rode horses, 4 wheelers and cut grass. Then my back started to go and I couldn’t do much of anything. The pain started to go down my right leg and I could hardly walk. I tried shots etc., nothing seemed to work. I gave up and went for surgery even knowing it would take a long time to get better.

After Surgery: It took a year but I can now walk, ride the lawn mower and a lot of things as long as I know when to quit. I got my life back as much as you can at 75.

Hobbies and interests: Odd hobby, I love to cut grass and go camping in our motor home.

Name withheld at request November 21, 2016

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Before Surgery: I had lower back pain that was getting worse with no relief from epidural shots. Unable to shoot my bow or lift even the smallest objects without pain.

After surgery: I can now do all things I could not do before, I am only restricted when I try to do too much. Very well pleased with the outcome of surgery.

Hobbies and interests: Bow shooting, riding side by side, cutting grass, keeping two cars clean and shining.

Name withheld at request November 21, 2016

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Before Surgery: Dr. Dominique spent over an hour with us not only explaining the procedure, but also being exceptionally personable and helping me feel totally comfortable and cared for!!

Dr. Dominique, I believe took his day off in order to clear an operating room and operate on me.

After Surgery: Within 24 hours of consulting with me about surgery.  He went way beyond the call of duty to rescue me from a serious and painful situation.

After surgery Dr. Dominique met with me five times to assure me and evaluate progress.  He fielded several phone calls from me and provided precise directions and abundant reassurance that I was doing the right thing.

Hobbies and Interests: I am now able to participate 100% with my hobbies of golf, walking, fishing, and gardening!  The surgery was a wonderful, wonderful success.

Alen Shank October 26, 2016

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Before Surgery: I had trouble walking, I had frequent falls, I also had trouble with my right arm.  I had a limited grasp affecting my ADL’s (Activities of Daily Living).  I couldn’t write my signature and I dropped my fork/spoon frequently, my symptoms appeared as though I was having a stroke.

After Surgery: After surgery and physical therapy, my right grasp became stronger, and I rarely drop items.  I can even use clippers to clip my fingernails.  I am more independent.

George Brain Tumor Patient October 26, 2016

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Before Dr. Dominique performed surgery, I was in a great deal of pain radiating form my right shoulder.  I went to several different emergency rooms where they couldn’t put a finger on what was wrong with me.  Everyone said it was something different.  I then went to Holy Spirit Hospital’s emergency room where I was admitted for an infection.  The next day, I had no feeling from my chest on down.  After six weeks of every test imaginable being done to me, there was still no conclusion in sight.  My attending doctor decided to call Dr. Dominique and he finally diagnosed the problem.  After choosing to do a risky operation (the next day) that no one else would even consider, I was informed that I would have died if the surgery had not been done.

After surgery, I have no remaining pain.  Although the effects of the infection haven’t fully subsided.  I am almost back to my normal self.  I have been able to get back to my quilting, which until recently, I was unable to do because I had little feeling in my hands.

I just want to say thank you to Dr. Dominique for taking a risk and saving my life.

Gayle Israel October 26, 2016

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Dominique for just over 4  years now. We work closely together in the surgical  intensive unit on complex neuro-surgical cases. He has impeccable surgical skills, and a  great bedside manner.

I would recommend Dr. Dominique, without reservation to my family members and friends.

Anthony John Perella, M.D. Attending Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician, Holy Spirit Hospital October 26, 2016

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I have known Dr. Dominique for many years now and I have always been impressed with the outcomes his patients have following surgery.  I have the unique fortune of seeing many patients from surgeons all over the area, which gives me the ability to compare outcomes.  As an independent practitioner myself I am always looking to send patients to a surgeon who has expertise and a proven track record.  I have known people personally as well through my practice treated by Dr. Dominique with excellent results.  As a conservative care provider, it is refreshing to have a surgeon looking out for the best interest of the patient.  Dr. Dominique does not just go for the knife if you do not need it, but if you do…you are in expert hands.  I will continue to send my patients who are not candidates for conservative care to Dr. Dominique as a trusted provider of surgical care

Michael M. Gilbert, DPT Gilbert Physical Therapy, Mechanicsburg, PA October 4, 2016

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What can I say about Dr. Dominique and NeuroSpine Associates?  He’s the best at what he does.  I can’t begin to say how much I have appreciated his steady hands and the great knowledge that he has in many different areas.  I came to Dr. Dominique about 4 years ago with severe chronic neck and lower back pain.  He performed spinal fusions in my neck at two separate areas and he had a lot of “repair work” to do.  I had a severe case but he followed through from the surgery to my stay in the hospital to my trip home and after.  He is very caring and extremely thorough in every step he takes.  He was there every day to see me in the hospital and was a phone call away if I needed him.  He doesn’t pass you off to other Drs to manage your continued care.   I have been back to see him for other issues relating to my lower back and I know when I see him he gives me the truth and every option that’s available.  Not only does Dr. Dominique do a wonderful job but he has the best staff to support him and his patients.  I can’t thank Dr. Dominique and his staff enough for their compassion and care.

Joe September 28, 2016

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Before Surgery: When getting out of bed in the morning I experienced weakness in my legs.  This was intermittent.  This feeling worsened, by April, 2016, I felt incontinent and weaker, below the waist.  I Entered the ER at Holy Spirit Hospital when, one morning, I couldn’t stand on my feet.

After Surgery: After a decompression of my lumbar spine, I had regained the strength and control for my legs, Dr. Dominique suggested walking for exercise and I am able to do that with relative ease.  I see Dr. Dominique for follow-up appointments and he takes the time to talk with my wife and I.  He clearly explains himself and answers all questions.  I recommend Dr. Dominique to anyone who asks me about my surgery.

Eric - Mechanicsburg, PA September 26, 2016

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We are extremely happy to add Dr. Dominique to our team. He brings experience and world-class training to our practices across Central Pennsylvania

Hospital CEO – Central Pennsylvania September 23, 2016

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I am a chiropractor who has been in practice in the Harrisburg area for 27 years, and treated over 18,000 patients.  I believe in conservative care and that surgery should be a last option.  In working with Dr. Dominique I have been impressed by his conservative nature, and putting the patient’s health first.

Albert Skocik Skocik Chiropractic September 19, 2016

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I worked with Dr. Dominique in the operating room 10 years ago.  It was then that I noticed his skill as a surgeon and his conservative approach to spinal surgery.  Recently, my father had been debilitated with back pain.  I took him to a local neurosurgeon in Philadelphia, and he advised me that my 86 year old father needed an extensive spinal fusion in order to alleviate his pain.  After hearing this, I made an appointment with Dr. Dominique for a second opinion who was now practicing 100 miles away.  My dad and I traveled to Harrisburg and after meeting with Dr. Dominique, a minimally invasive procedure to remove the pressure on my father’s spinal nerves was planned.  My dad had surgery on a Wednesday and was home in Philadelphia Thursday evening.  Three years later he is doing well and able to get around without pain.  Being an operating room nurse, I have worked with many surgeons and when you find one with the skill, dedication and knowledge of the spine and anatomy that Dr. Dominique possesses, it is worth the travel to get the best of care.

T.G.-RN, BS, CNOR Director of Nursing September 19, 2016

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If you want to find the best providers in the area…find out where healthcare workers and other physicians you trust go to…

As a therapist who makes referrals, I feel like it’s my responsibility to send patients to the best doctors.
In the past…if a friend…or close family member needed to see a spine specialist, there’s only one I recommend…
And that’s Dr. Dave Dominique.

Here’s why…

I want someone for them who is knowledgeable…yet talks with them as a person.
I want someone who takes their time to explain things…not just rushes them in and out of the office.
And I want someone who I can trust…and isn’t pushing people to do surgery…but helps a person make the best decision for their own health.

That someone is Dr. Dave Dominique.

Chad Madden PT Madden Physical Therapy Harrisburg September 19, 2016