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From our Colleagues

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National Doctors' Day 2018 Nomination for Physician of the year May 9, 2018

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Not only would I let Dr. Dominique operate on me, or one of my family members, he would be my first choice.  I have known him for five years and have found him to possess all of the qualities that have defined a superb physician for centuries.

He is kind, patient, thoughtful, empathetic, and knowledgeable, and… he listens very carefully to his patients.

Dr. Dominique is extra-ordinarily skillful at his art, and it is extraordinary how much he truly does care about his patients.  They feel it, and they tell me about it all the time.  In a word, he is… Awesome.

David Kann, M.D., FACC Cardiologist April 24, 2017

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I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dr. Dominique for just over 4  years now. We work closely together in the surgical  intensive unit on complex neuro-surgical cases. He has impeccable surgical skills, and a  great bedside manner.

I would recommend Dr. Dominique, without reservation to my family members and friends.

Anthony John Perella, M.D. Attending Pulmonary and Critical Care Physician, Holy Spirit Hospital October 26, 2016

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I have known Dr. Dominique for many years now and I have always been impressed with the outcomes his patients have following surgery.  I have the unique fortune of seeing many patients from surgeons all over the area, which gives me the ability to compare outcomes.  As an independent practitioner myself I am always looking to send patients to a surgeon who has expertise and a proven track record.  I have known people personally as well through my practice treated by Dr. Dominique with excellent results.  As a conservative care provider, it is refreshing to have a surgeon looking out for the best interest of the patient.  Dr. Dominique does not just go for the knife if you do not need it, but if you do…you are in expert hands.  I will continue to send my patients who are not candidates for conservative care to Dr. Dominique as a trusted provider of surgical care

Michael M. Gilbert, DPT Gilbert Physical Therapy, Mechanicsburg, PA October 4, 2016

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We are extremely happy to add Dr. Dominique to our team. He brings experience and world-class training to our practices across Central Pennsylvania

Hospital CEO – Central Pennsylvania September 23, 2016

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I am a chiropractor who has been in practice in the Harrisburg area for 27 years, and treated over 18,000 patients.  I believe in conservative care and that surgery should be a last option.  In working with Dr. Dominique I have been impressed by his conservative nature, and putting the patient’s health first.

Albert Skocik Skocik Chiropractic September 19, 2016

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I worked with Dr. Dominique in the operating room 10 years ago.  It was then that I noticed his skill as a surgeon and his conservative approach to spinal surgery.  Recently, my father had been debilitated with back pain.  I took him to a local neurosurgeon in Philadelphia, and he advised me that my 86 year old father needed an extensive spinal fusion in order to alleviate his pain.  After hearing this, I made an appointment with Dr. Dominique for a second opinion who was now practicing 100 miles away.  My dad and I traveled to Harrisburg and after meeting with Dr. Dominique, a minimally invasive procedure to remove the pressure on my father’s spinal nerves was planned.  My dad had surgery on a Wednesday and was home in Philadelphia Thursday evening.  Three years later he is doing well and able to get around without pain.  Being an operating room nurse, I have worked with many surgeons and when you find one with the skill, dedication and knowledge of the spine and anatomy that Dr. Dominique possesses, it is worth the travel to get the best of care.

T.G.-RN, BS, CNOR Director of Nursing September 19, 2016

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If you want to find the best providers in the area…find out where healthcare workers and other physicians you trust go to…

As a therapist who makes referrals, I feel like it’s my responsibility to send patients to the best doctors.
In the past…if a friend…or close family member needed to see a spine specialist, there’s only one I recommend…
And that’s Dr. Dave Dominique.

Here’s why…

I want someone for them who is knowledgeable…yet talks with them as a person.
I want someone who takes their time to explain things…not just rushes them in and out of the office.
And I want someone who I can trust…and isn’t pushing people to do surgery…but helps a person make the best decision for their own health.

That someone is Dr. Dave Dominique.

Chad Madden PT Madden Physical Therapy Harrisburg September 19, 2016